I went to Oktoberfest and all I got was this lousy cold…

So I know I said in my last post that my next post would be about Oktoberfest, OKTOBERFEST Oktoberfest. Welp, sorry, but this is not that post.

I am lazy. But I am sick, so that means being lazy is allowed and I can’t be judged as much for it. And, even more, I am lazy and sick in a foreign country where chicken noodle soup doesn’t exist, so that blog post isn’t going to be up until the end of the week.

That paragraph had a lot of important information in it (such as I am sick, waaaah mommy please come back to Paris and take care of me), but the most important was I AM … IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHERE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP DOESN’T EXIST.

Pretty sure I feel weaker after writing (and then rereading) that last sentence.

I was feeling a little below the weather the Wednesday before Oktoberfest weekend. No big deal, just a little sore throat, and just like schools everywhere this time of year, there are a couple of kids I have to sit next to who were sick. And there’s the public transportation I take at least twice a day. So I thought I was dealing with a small common cold that would be gone before I left on Friday. Pssh. NOT.

You’ll read about this in my next post, but I slept in a tent Friday and Saturday nights before leaving Sunday morning, and it was cold (Under Armor spandex and jeans and every one of the five shirts I brought and hat and scarf and gloves and three pairs of socks) and the next night it RAINED. And I was in a tent. And I was a little sick when I got to Munich and then I was a lot of sick when I left Munich.

Eat your apples and pay attention to old wives tales, I guess.

But I will get through this. Hopefully, soon.

For example, I have orange juice. No problem. It’s even “jus d’orange” and there are a million different cartons. So the OJ situation is OK.

And. I have cough drops, though the only brand I could find was Ricola—which, thankfully, is my favorite cough drop brand in the States, because I am that person who has a favorite cough drop brand. Cultural side note: all French medicine is sold in pharmacies, but you can buy cough drops in grocery stores. Specifically, the candy aisles of grocery stores. And they come in little cigarette-sized boxes as well as bags. So now I carry a pack with me everywhere I go … a pack of cough drops, that is.

But the chicken noodle soup? No sirree bob. And I don’t mean no Cambell’s chicken noodle soup or chicken noodle soup with star/Goldfish/alphabet/Spongebob noodles. I mean, no chicken noodle soup.

Like, I finally found carrots, peas, and noodles in chicken broth (best I could find) and told my host mom I was eating it because I was sick. And then she asked if I wanted a salad. Um….what? Not the response I was expecting. Maybe that’s the standard French sick food, instead of soup and OJ and ice cream? Explains why everyone is so skinny here…

I feel as though the absence of good chicken noodle soup is the only reason why I am still sick a week later.

Looks like all the “PROST!”s I got this past weekend did nothing for my health.


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