Shh…I’m Wearing My Big Girl Panties

So, you’d think that moving to a new country where they don’t speak my native language would make me feel mature and adult like. Well, you’d be wrong—especially considering how embarrassingly excited I got yesterday when I found gummy Smurfs!

But I can honestly say that I feel like an adult now, after more than a week of living in Paris. I had to take care of big girl things I don’t have to worry about in America that I always associated with being an adult—mainly, being responsible for my own cell phone plan, buying a pass for public transportation, and legally buying alcohol (sorry Mom!)

The hardest was the cell phone plan. Remember that quip in Girls where one character kind of takes a dig at Marnie because her parents still pay her cell phone bill? Yep, that’s me. And what’s even worse, I wasn’t even responsible for picking my plan (although I don’t have a smart phone so it couldn’t be too complicated…I’m assuming). But nope, not in Paris.

True, I did buy my (also not a smart phone) in a group with other students, but there were so many problems involved with getting the cell phone plan. My group was the last to get our phones and we couldn’t even go to the phone store (called Orange, it’s like the French Verizon) because the other students who went before us took all of the non-smart phones. So we had to go to just a cell phone retailer, no big deal, but we arrived back at the center so late we had to get our plan at Orange at another time (compared to the other students who got their phone and the plan at the same place).

No big deal. We got like 5 euro worth of texting and calls as a gift for buying the phone, so I wasn’t worry but I did practice asking for the unlimited calls and text plan for 30 euro a month. The next day, we went with one of the CIEE people to Orange and was told that their computers weren’t working (!!) and we couldn’t do it. So, the CIEE person gave me directions to go to another Orange store to buy my plan, which scared me so much but I pretended like it was no big deal—never mind the fact that I don’t know how to ask for a phone plan in English, let alone French. And when I went to that Orange, I asked in French and everything and the saleswoman said (in French—she didn’t respond in English!!) that the 30 euro a month plan didn’t exist but I could do the same thing for 60 euro a month. Um, non. So I go back to CIEE—apparently that plan came out last week—and tried going to the first Orange where their computers still didn’t work (!!). The next day, another student got to buy her plan, but of course when I returned the day after that I was told they didn’t do that plan. OH MON DIEU.

I finally just went to the Tabac (like a corner store that sells gum, lottery tickets, cigarettes, and phone cards) and bought a plan for 25 euro worth of calls and texts that expires in November. So hopefully that works or else I will start getting grey hair, I’ve had to deal with such an adult thing for so long.

The other two adult things were way easier. Buying a Metro pass makes everything easier—unlimited swipes for 60 euro a month. And with the commute to and from work (one transfer, but the whole thing is for about 45 minutes) and all of the sightseeing—it’s been totally worth it. And it would have had to been, because I had some troubles getting the pass. I went to a machine (IN ENGLISH!!) and it wouldn’t take my debit card. ZUT!

So I had to use two 50 euro notes (womp womp) and that worked….except, it kind of didn’t. I guess it depends on your definition of “worked” because I was able to purchase my Metro card, but I got 38 euro back in 2 euro coins. I pouted for about two seconds before I thought, “This will make going out so much easier now!!” Is that bad? Haha. Silver lining to everything, right?

As for the alcohol…my first legal bottle of wine, anywhere, was a 2-euro bottle of rose that came in a plastic bottle and had to be opened like a soda can. And it was so disgusting I could barely finish one drink. But whatever, I drank it in front of the Eiffel Tower so it’s fine. Even though one of the people from CIEE told our class never to buy them because they’re disgusting and are usually full of just random leftovers of wine. Oops. 

But I am trying to be more adultlike, even though I am just kinda failing at it.


One response to “Shh…I’m Wearing My Big Girl Panties

  1. This is just the beginning of realizing how wonderful I mother am 🙂
    113 days until you are legally an adult!!

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